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Angel Morris

Celebrity hair stylist Angel Morris is one of the most sought after and beloved style-makers in Ohio. Angel has made her mark with a fun, and flirty approach to beauty while drawing the curtains back on long-hidden "tricks of the trade." Angel's success can be attributed to her genuine girlfriend demeanor toward everyone from her celebrity clientele to her loyal supporters.

Angel has been a stylist since 2001. She knows how the industry changes from day to day so she makes it a point to stay educated with current techniques, tools, And products.

Angel's hair care and beauty philosophy emphasizes healthy, beautiful hair. According to Angel, "Hair is simply the accessory that allows one's true nature and beauty to outwardly manifest itself." There's so many exciting things Angel is doing.... Just check out her website:

Angel Morris, Professional Stylist at Mosaic Salons, Charlotte/Mecklenberg County North Carolina